2016: An Analysis on the Presidential Race

This Presidential cycle is proving to be a hot one and an ugly one.  The Republicans still have 11 candidates in the race, but legitimately only about 4 are actually up for the nomination.

The Democrats have Bernie and Hillary, oh and Martin is still somewhere in there trying to get some attention.  Basically the Democrats have Bernie and Hillary.

But how will it all play out?  Who will get the nomination from the Democrats?  From the Republicans?  Here’s our analysis at who has the best chance and why:

Your Democratic Nominee will be…


  1. Bernie has begun to consistently surpass Hillary in both the Iowa and New Hampshire Caucus Polls, and we all know that a nomination is not one based on National polls, it’s based on how many more states you can win than your opponent(s).
  2. Bernie has a large following in the younger generation, particularly in Generation Z and the Millennial Generation.
  3. In terms of elect-ability, although Bernie is usually considered too far left to elect to the Presidency, he has recently been TROUNCING Republican Candidates such as Donald Trump and Marco Rubio in various head-to-head General Election Polls.


Why Hillary won’t get the nomination:

  1. Her performances in the debates have proven sub-par at best.  She is very stiff and rehearsed, and the American people simply don’t find her as interesting as her loud and outspoken counterpart, Senator Sanders.
  2. A prosecution is right around the corner for this Former Secretary of State, with the FBI leading the pack of those prosecutors.  Due to the entire affair with Benghazi, Hillary’s trustworthiness has fallen to all time lows and it doesn’t help that all of her emails are being released to the public.
  3. I just saw ’13 hours’, and let me tell you, although it’s not meant to be political, you can’t help but get angry at whoever wasn’t answering the phone at the State Department.  You also can’t help but get angry at whoever DIDN’T SEND MORE HELP TO THE U.S. AMBASSADOR WHO REQUESTED IT WEEKS BEFORE THE ATTACK (THAT WOULD BE HILLARY FOLKS).


Alright, how about the Republican Nominee?

This one is a little more up in the air for me, so I’m going to rank the candidates and you can decide if I’m right or wrong:

  1. Ted Cruz – He’s angry, but composed and fluent.  He’s extremely bright, yet humble.  He’s extremely conservative, yet the establishment is beginning to stomach him. And he’s likable, which makes him elect-able.
  2. Marco Rubio – All of the reasons mentioned above about Ted Cruz apply here, except that Rubio is not as bright nor is he quite as conservative.  What he lacks in that area, however, he makes up for in his communication.  He is a powerful speaker and is also likable and electable.  The establishment likes him so conservatives might be a little wary, which is why he’s number 2.
  3. Donald Trump – He’s mean, he’s loud, and he’s from New York.  The third one probably isn’t so great, considering New York’s extremely high state tax rates (how’s that for New York Values), not to mention the extremely high taxes found in New York City. New York also has some of the strictest gun laws, particularly in the city, and it’s quite a wretched hive of scum and villainy considering they’ve elected a Socialist (Communist in my opinion)to the Mayors Office.
  4. Chris Christie – Christie is a great public speaker, and personally I think he would make an excellent President.  But there are two problems voters will find with the New Jersey Governor.  First, conservatives do and will have a hard time stomaching Christie due to his moderate stance in the Republican party.  It’s not as moderate as say, Kasich, but he’s still pretty moderate.  Secondly, people can’t seem to get over “his record” in New Jersey.  That record may be tainted but Reagan’s record as the President was tainted as well for the same reasons Christie’s gubernatorial record is. They both had a DEMOCRATIC legislature.  What may be comforting to know is that Christie has vetoed more bills from his Democratic legislature than any Governor in New Jersey. Ever.

These are the only candidates I’ll rank because, frankly, no one else has a chance at this point.  Trump has been on top forever, and the other three are peaking in each state and in the national polls at just the right time.  When it’s all over, one of these four will be facing Bernie in the General Election.


As for the next President, I’ll just say we better not have a Socialist in the white house come January 20, 2017.




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