A Fading America: Where have all the good men gone?

Welcome to the National Gazette.  You’re here for a reason. Be it that you are fed up with the bias of other major news networks, or that you’re looking for another way to gauge the truth about Washington.  You’ll find all of those here.

This post is titled “A Fading America” for a reason.  In the recent past (although it’s been going downhill for awhile) the American Political system has begun to fail.  Politicians on both sides of the aisle have caused the system to slip away from its original intended path.

Namely, we have seen in recent years the mass migration to Washington D.C. of the largest group of scumbags, liars, cheats and swindlers ever to walk the face of the Earth. “But that’s so rude and wrong and they’re nice people with good intentions, so you shouldn’t say that about them.” It is true that some people in Washington aren’t liars or cheats or scumbags or anything of the like.  So, two categories of men/women remain: True Statesmen, and Misguided Idiots.

“Wait, what is a Statesman?”

Well, when I refer to a Statesman, I’m talking about someone who does not devote their entire life to politics, but rather to the service of their country.  For example, George Washington, our first and possibly greatest President, was a Statesmen.  He did not remain in Politics for his entire life, but rather was a farmer and a military general before spending his time in Public Service (A great read to learn more about President Washington is “America: The Last Best Hope” as well as “His Excellency, George Washington”).  Basically, a Statesman is one who spends time being a citizen, working in the private sector, and educating himself by learning about the needs of his fellow man so he is more equipped to help his fellow citizens if elected to office.  The obvious opposite of the Statesman is the Career Politician, who has known nothing but life in the Public Sector.  Originally, compensation for serving your country as a Statesman/Politician was very low, and many men in the early era of our country gave up their salaries completely.  But, with the rise of the evil Career Politician, we see that the average salary of a U.S. Senator (2009-2016) has risen to an astronomical $174,000, which is nearly $121,000 more than the median household income in the United States!

If you ask me, Senators are making a little too much money.

How about a U.S. Representative?  Well a member of the House also makes $174,000 a year.  Simply put, the men in Capitol have created a “Political Class” that they are all a part of.  There are a few outcasts, a few who break the mold and truly are American Statesmen, but most are crooks and thieves.

So, the answer to the question, “Where have all the good men gone?” is simple.  They’ve given up, they don’t know what’s going on, or they’re out worrying about where their family’s next meal is gonna come from so they don’t have time to run for office.

“Hold on, what happened to the Misguided Idiots?”

These would be your Bernie Sanders, Bill de Blasio, or Andrew Cuomo.  Now, as much as I may believe that Cuomo is in bed with the corruption in Washington, some of the things he has said about right-wing conservatives have convinced me that he is an idiot rather than just a liar (although you can decide if he’s lied about anything or not).  These Misguided Idiots cling to Socialism (a failed political system), gun control (not common sense gun reform, but radical restriction on access to guns by all Americans), ridiculously high and unfair taxes (Bernie is in favor of a 90% tax bracket), publicly funded welfare and healthcare, and various other unconstitutional or impractical views.  These are the people who sincerely believe what they’re saying, but are dumb enough to think it’s true.

“So, how do we get back on track?”

Vote for a STATESMAN in your local election for the House/Senate.  Vote for a STATESMAN for your Gubernatorial Elections.  Vote for a STATESMAN in your state legislature elections.  Vote for a STATESMAN in the 2016 Presidential Race.  Vote for people who tell the truth and stand up for what’s right.




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