Racism or Lunacy: The Oscars

I’m sure everyone has heard all about the uproar surrounding the Oscars this year. The audacity of the Academy to not nominate a SINGLE person of color is just beyond belief! It’s ridiculous how RACIST they are!

Um, no.

This is a ridiculous campaign against nonexistent racism. Worst of all, it’s promoted by the Mainstream Media and the Leftist politicians in Washington.

Has it occurred to anyone that maybe the only Oscar worthy performances this year have been from white people? Has it occurred to anyone that maybe none of the black actors from this year had an Oscar worthy performance?

No. It hasn’t.

Unfortunately, our society has perpetuated this radically stupid idea that anytime any white man disagrees with a man of color, the white man is racist. In 2008, the Mainstream Media and Liberal Washington crucified the white community as “racists” and “bigots” for disagreeing with Obama. Apparently holding a different political/economic view than a black man makes you a racist.

But wait, what about all the people disagreeing with Ben Carson? Aren’t they racist by that logic?

Not according to the Mainstream Media or Washington D.C.

It’s become commonplace among liberal politicians to blame the white man for all of the black man’s problems. Ever heard of the Black Lives Matter movement? How many Republican, right-wing politicians jumped on that bandwagon? Almost none, if any at all. How many Democrat, left-wing politicians? Almost all, if not all.

We see two sides here: One says that the black man’s problems are not, at the root, caused by the white man, while the other says that they are. One says that just maybe no black actors produced an Oscar worthy performance, while the other side attacks the white man and illogically blames him for the lack of black nominations.

I didn’t see any white people nominated for the BET awards, but do you hear an uproar from the white community?


But God forbid we don’t give a black actor an Oscar nomination, because that’s racist and terrible and the cruelty of the white man shows very clearly in such an action.

Please, give me a break. Forgot the political correctness and grow a backbone. You don’t like working in Hollywood because you didn’t get your precious nomination? Go to another country and make movies, maybe they’ll be less “racist” over there.

Political correctness is lunacy, and this “boycotting the Oscars” thing is lunacy.


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