Donald Trump: An Analysis of a Presidential Candidate

Who is Donald Trump?

Welcome to the Gazette’s first review of a Presidential Candidate: Donald J. Trump.

Let’s start with what Trump has said since he has started running.

  1. Trump will “Make America Great Again.”
  2. Trump has said he is angry.
  3. Trump has said we need to close the southern border and build a wall.
  4. Trump has said we should temporarily ban Muslims coming into the U.S. from refugee countries.
  5. Trump has said no one takes care of our veterans properly.
  6. Trump has said he would be the best jobs President ever.
  7. Trump has said he will be great at dealing with Putin and China.

This isn’t all that Trump has said, but let’s go through each one.

  1. How will Trump make America great again?  Well, he claims our allies no longer trust us and our enemies no longer respect us (something straight from the mouth of Marco Rubio as well). He claims he will restore that trust and bring back the fearful respect our enemies used to have.  But how?  There’s a question Trump has not answered yet.  How about the economy?  What will he do to strengthen the economy here in the U.S.?  Well, we’ve heard him talk quite a lot about corporate inversions, and how he would bring companies back into the U.S. by lowering the corporate tax rate to about 15%.  He would also lower all income tax brackets significantly, and decrease the number of brackets to four instead of the current seven.  Each bracket would be 0%, 10%, 20%, and 25%, with a capital gains/dividends taxes being 15% and 20% and only for the two highest brackets.  This could be an extreme kick start for economic growth in the United States, both bringing companies back in-country and allowing individuals to keep more of their own hard earned dollars.  Oddly enough, however, Trump’s plan is somewhat similar to the one Jeb Bush released a few months before Trump’s debuted.  The same can be said of Trump’s VA Reform Plan, which is also somewhat similar to Bush’s.  These are only a few of Trump’s plans and I encourage you to visit his website and make your own judgment on those I haven’t mentioned.
  2. He is angry.  We’ve seen it in the debates, we’ve seen it at his rallies, we’ve seen it on his twitter.  Not much else to say other than that it seems his anger is shared with conservatives in being directed at the current administration.
  3. Trump has said he would stop illegal immigration and build a wall.  He claims he could do it very inexpensively, and that he would have Mexico pay for the wall.  Sounds like a great idea, but why would Mexico be willing to pay for a wall?  That’s my only question.  See the link in this paragraph to read the rest of Donald’s immigration reform plan, which includes increasing the number of ICE officers, ending birthright citizenship, and defunding sanctuary cities, among other things.
  4. Trump has said that we should temporarily ban Muslims (video courtesy of Fox News) from entering the United States until Congress and the FBI can come up with a proper plan to vet these refugees.  In my opinion, Trump’s move might be a little discriminatory, so I believe instead he should call for a temporary ban on ALL refugees from Middle Eastern countries, regardless of religion or race.  That’s not discriminatory and it allows us more time to develop a more effective vetting strategy.
  5. Trump is correct that on the Federal level, the VA is a disaster.  I personally like his VA Reform plan (see the link in #1) and would like to see it effectively implemented.  Now, the only thing I do not like about it is that it seems to be very similar, almost identical to Jeb Bush’s plan (see #1 for details), and that makes me see Trump as maybe a copycat and/or a little unoriginal.
  6. Would Trump be the best Jobs President ever? His tax plans suggest he would, considering the subsequent brackets would be some of the lowest in history:
    Historically, Trump’s would be the lowest rates since the mid-20’s through the       mid- 30’s.

    Low taxes have proven to be stimulative to job growth and business startups, as was seen in the Reagan years when GDP had an average of about 4% growth and the amount of jobs created went up at an astounding rateB1_Reagan_Charts_s400x287.jpg

  7. This one, I can’t speak on.  Trump isn’t the most likeable guy so personally I don’t see him being the greatest when it comes to foreign policy.  However, he is smart enough to put the best people around him so he might pick a pretty good Secretary of State to make up for his lack of likeability.



Trump would make a decent President if he follows through with his plans.  The minus comes simply from the suspicion that he might not be as Reagan-esque and as conservative as people think due to his democratic/liberal past.  However, at the moment he seems to be a decent candidate with some decent reforms in mind.



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