Ted Cruz: An Analysis of a Presidential Candidate

Who is Ted Cruz?

An outcast, a rebel, an enemy of the Republican Establishment and the “Washington Cartel”.

Welcome to the Gazette’s second review of a Presidential Candidate: Ted Cruz.

Let’s start with the main issues Ted plans to address if elected:

  1. Restoring the Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land.
  2. Preserving the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding American citizens.
  3. Securing the border.
  4. Defending the United States.
  5. Standing by Israel and our allies in the Middle East in the fight against ISIS and Radical Islamic Terrorism.
  6. Preserving religious liberty for all Americans.
  7. Rebuilding the family and supporting life from conception until natural death.
  8. Creating jobs and economic opportunity in the United States.
  9. Reining in Washington D.C.

Check the link above to read Ted’s viewpoints straight from his campaign site, and for those who wish to have our analysis, away we go:

  1. What does Ted mean when he says we need to “restore the Constitution”? Well, he’s referring to the unchecked growth of the Federal Government into a monster that violates the very structure that it was originally created to form.  The Constitution has been violated by the Obama Administrationthe Bush Administration, the Clinton Administration, and various other administrations throughout our nation’s history, with those three being some of the worst offenders.  Senator Cruz wants to end the unconstitutional methods of the government and restore it to what our Founding Fathers/Drafters of the Constitution intended it to be (link will take you to an online copy of the Federalist Papers, which are imperative in understanding the Constitution and the government it proposes).  But the real question is: Will he do it?  His record indicates yes.  He has stood against the recent Democratic assault on the First Amendment, a bi-partisan assault on the Second Amendment, and has constantly defended the use of the phrase, “Under God,” in the Pledge of Allegiance.  There are more examples of Ted’s support of the Constitution which you can find descriptions of and evidence for on his site, www.tedcruz.org.
  2. Ted has always shown his support for the Second Amendment during his time as a U.S. Senator and as Solicitor General of the State of Texas.  He has introduced legislation to ease restriction on the purchasing and transportation of firearms, filibustered legislation that would increase Federal gun-control, and he has received the NRA’s Carter Knight Freedom Fund Award.  All of these should be comforting to Republicans (and anyone else) who believe wholeheartedly in their Second Amendment rights.
  3. Perhaps one of Cruz’s favorite phrases when speaking of border security is, “Border security is national security.”  Cruz has had an interesting past when it comes to immigration reform and securing the border, with some claiming he has supported amnesty, others saying he hasn’t.  Whatever his past was before he ran for the Senate, we don’t really care anymore.  What has he supported in Congress and what has he been against?  Well, perhaps his most notable action as a U.S. Senator in terms of immigration reform was his  opposition to the infamous ‘Gang of Eight’ bill.  The bill would have been extremely detrimental to our border security and Senator Cruz did an excellent job refuting it.  He has also introduced and reintroduced Kate’s Law to Congress, a bill that would increase penalties on illegals who reenter the country after being deported.  He has also been in support of reforming the broken H1-B system, and has introduced legislation to do so.
  4. Ted has six major points when it comes to defending the U.S.: Being a shining beacon to the rest of the world, exerting America’s world leadership, rebuilding our weakened military, defeating ISIS, protecting the Homeland, and ripping up the Iran Nuclear Deal.  His record shows that he truly does support all of these.  He has authored legislation which would seek to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization.  He has authored legislation in the wake of the Paris Attacks that would bar any refugees from any country where a terrorist organization holds substantial territory.  He has twice introduced the Expatriate Terrorist Act, a bill that would not allow any person or U.S. citizen who joins/collaborates with a foreign terrorist to reenter the country and would make such an act grounds for the forfeit of United States citizenship.
  5. Cruz has been a stalwart supporter of our most important Middle-Eastern ally, Israel.  He has recently expressed this support by writing a letter to Secretary of State, John Kerry, demanding that he close the PLO’s (Palestinian Liberation Organization) office in D.C. following their repeated terror attacks on Israeli civilians.  He also also helped introduce a measure to fund Israel’s missile defense systems without tying the funding in with other controversial topics such as border security.  He has also opposed Chuck Hagel’s nomination to Secretary of Defense due to his continued undermining of U.S.-Israeli relations.
  6. In terms of freedom of religion, Cruz may have no equal (except maybe Mike Huckabee).  This stalwart Christian has defended many against Obamacare’s contraception mandates, preserved the use of the phrase, “Under God,” in the Pledge of Allegiance in testimony before the Supreme Court, and has introduced measures in Congress to protect service men and women’s right to worship.
  7. Again, when fighting for the rights of the family and the unborn, Ted Cruz may have no equal on the battlefield.  He has constantly pushed for the complete defunding of Planned Parenthood, defended a law preventing partial-birth abortion before the Supreme Court with the help of 13 States, and successfully defended New Hampshire’s parental-notification law with the help of 18 States.  In terms of marriage rights, Cruz has always supported the right of the individual States to define marriage without the interference of the unelected judges on the Supreme Court.  He has done so with proposed legislation and a proposed Constitutional Amendment that would prevent federal courts from further overstepping their jurisdiction.
  8. How will Cruz’s Tax plan boost economic, job, and wage growth?  Well, for one thing there will be only ONE tax bracket of 10%.  That’s it.  Simply from that, all citizens will benefit extremely in added income.  There will be added motivation to work because you’ll be allowed to keep more of what you make.  On top of that, you’ll be able to fill out your tax returns on a postcard just like this one:  Graphic3                As for businesses, the corporate tax is eliminated under Cruz’s plan and replaced with a 16% business flat tax.  Only 1% higher than Donald Trump’s corporate tax rate, this would boost economic growth and bring millions of jobs back into the U.S. from foreign countries, as well as attract future businesses to America due to the high competitiveness of such a rate.  But the Corporate income tax isn’t the only thing going, as Ted’s plan eliminates the Payroll tax, the Death tax, the Alternative Minimum tax, and the Obamacare taxes. Cruz will also boost growth by repealing Obamacare and promoting patient-centered healthcare with the greater choice on the free market, eliminate wasteful regulations on businesses in the U.S., balance the federal budget (possibly pass a balanced budget amendment), cut wasteful government spending, and begin to pay down the debt.  He would also take measures to prevent the unconstitutional practices of the current administration from happening again, open the markets by deregulation to provide greater opportunity to businesses and more affordable goods and services to Americans, rework current economic policy to return to a strong dollar, and allow for the American Energy Renaissance to truly take flight so as to provide more abundant and affordable domestic supplies of energy.
  9. If you’ve read the last 8 points, you should now know how Cruz will rein in Washington.  This guy is no insider.



For Republicans, you couldn’t ask for a better candidate to be in office when you have a Republican House and a Republican Senate.  Cruz will bring about radical change in Washington D.C., putting the government back on the track it was meant to be at its conception.  This Texas Senator is a true Patriot, a Statesman, and a leader.  I give all his plans, especially his tax plan, an A+.  He would boost the economy at levels perhaps never before seen in the modern United States, and would prove to be a fearsome protector against America’s enemies.  Republicans, if you want a President who’ll bring about real lasting change in the U.S., Cruz is your man.





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