Obama’s America: Why Rubio Stresses It and Why People Don’t Care If It’s a Memorized Line

8 years of Obama have brought us many things.

A step towards Single-Payer Healthcare, 94 million Americans out of the workforce (almost 16 million more than when Obama took office), increased dependence on Government programs such as food stamps and welfare (total participants between the two are over 152 million citizens), decreased middle and lower class income, and massive amounts of government regulation, which have crippled U.S. economic growth.

Obama’s America is a transformed and dangerous one.  Dangerous for the middle class, dangerous for democracy, dangerous to the American Dream, and dangerous for the rest of the world that looks to America as a beacon of liberty and prosperity.

So, when Marco Rubio calls out the President on his dangerous progressive policies, he should be applauded, not derided.  We all saw the latter happen to him in the New Hampshire GOP debate, when Chris Christie got down on the Florida Senator for repeating a rehearsed line about Obama’s destructive agenda several times.  See the footage here.

Why Chris? Why?

Let me give everyone a brief reminder of Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment:


We have seen WAY to0 much unprovoked ill-speak of fellow Republicans in this election cycle, mostly from Donald Trump.  But there have been the odd unprovoked comment or two from Christie and Lindsey Graham, although they have been few and far between.

Let’s be clear about what is classified as “ill-speak.”  Ill-speak would be anything that is an unfounded assault on a fellow candidate that is related more to personal life or non-political or politicized issues than the issues that candidates have or plan to address in their political careers.  So, when Christie criticizes Rubio for repeating a rehearsed line, that is ill-speak, as it has nothing to do with the issue being discussed but rather an ad-hominem attack on Rubio and his debate style.

So what if it was memorized and rehearsed?  Is it true?


So, Christie, please stop speaking ill of your fellow Republicans if it’s not about their stance on the issues.  Nobody cares whether the next President is a former Governor or a former Senator.  We just want someone who’s going to reverse the destructive transformation that Obama has begun.  Rubio might not be a proven executive like Christie, but that doesn’t mean he can’t do it (and his stance on the issues is far more proven than Christie’s).  Rubio would make a very good President.  Probably not a second Reagan, but he would definitely put the country back on the right track.  Any of the candidates still in the race (except maybe Jeb Bush) would steer America back in the right direction.

Now, this “Obama’s America” business.

Obama, since taking office in 2009, has been systematically dismantling the United States of America.  He has been ignoring the Constitution via his numerous illegal executive actions/orders, he has undermined the American Dream and the American middle class, he has moved us closer to a socialist government and economy, and he has tried to make America like the rest of the world.

But that was not America’s original purpose.  Our Founding Fathers wanted America to set the standard for everyone else.  We are meant to be a beacon of freedom, liberty, and prosperity to the rest of the world.  Think about all of the influence the U.S.A. has.  We used to be the single most powerful nation in the world, we used to be the richest nation in the world (we still are when measured by GDP), and we used to be the freest nation in the world, and we can be that nation again.

Notice I said, “used to be.”  That’s because, since the dawn of progressive ideology, the United States has “progressively” become weaker, less free, and poorer.  We still remain the richest nation in the world according to our GDP, but we are one of the poorest because of our debt. Liberal, Progressive policy has taken our country away from the Constitution.  America is not meant to be a socialist country, or a communist country, or a progressive country, or a totalitarian country.  But, my fellow Americans, that is the path we are headed down.  Soon, it will be too late to turn back.

So, let’s heed the 11th Commandment and support our GOP candidates so we can get our country back on the right track.

God Bless America, the Greatest Country in History.




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